Welcome New Member

Dear ,
Welcome to the TCC Family!

We are excited that after the completion of the believer’s classes, you have taken the next step to fill out the membership form. 

 It gives me great joy and excitement to formally welcome you into our family – The Carpenter’s Church. This family has been around since 1990 and we are growing!  We began in Port Harcourt, Nigeria in 1990, expanded to Abuja, Nigeria in 2020 and now we are growing globally on the e-Church, without borders. 


 Who Are We?  

There is so much to find out about The Carpenter’s Church at www.tcchurch.online,  www.thecarpenterschurch.org, www.freshdew.tv and but I would love to give you a sneak preview here. 

Our Vision  

We have a three-pronged vision in the following order:  

  • Maturing the saints through the systematic teaching of the Word of God, so that the saints can do the work of the ministry.  
  • Restoration of the Scriptural order of worship and praise.  
  • Developing and maintaining a high sense of family in the spirit of agape love. 

Whether you are attending our home base in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the Campus in Abuja, Nigeria or the e-Church without borders at tcchurch.online, Jesus never misses a service in TCC.

Here you will be taught and nurtured with the pure, undiluted Word of God to position you to grow, serve, and ultimately fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life. That is my personal guarantee to you. For us in TCC, it is not a luxury to hear from God; we have received the pure Word, and we are determined to preserve its integrity in our individual lives. 

Our Family  

Our sense of family is core to our existence in TCC. We look out for each other in the spirit of agape love. One of the ways we do this is through the Family Follow Up Group [FFG] system. FFGs are smaller units within the larger local assembly, which increase interaction between TCC brothers and sisters. They are held in approved homes in an informal atmosphere with a balance of relaxation, encouragement, support, and edification. Belonging to an FFG will help you interact closely with other brethren and integrate into the church structure.

In Port Harcourt or Abuja, we would be happy to assign you to an FFG after service on any Sunday. On the eChurch without borders, they are called eFFGs. If you are not in an eFFG already, please click here to join one.  

Finding Your Place 

, you have a unique place in the TCC family. 

Why am I so sure of this?

The Word of God tells us so in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. A body is made up of many useful parts and no part is more or less important than the other. When all parts function actively and effectively, the body grows in beauty, strength and influence. A local church is no different. At this time, I want to personally introduce you to certain service opportunities in this ministry available to help you have a better experience in your walk with God. 

As a member of the eChurch, tcchurch.online, the following service opportunities are available. Click here to find out more. 

  • eMissionary – Social Media 
  • eMissionary – Print Media 
  • eMissionary – Graphics Media 
  • ePrayer Team 
  • eDistribution Club
  • eNewBorn Unit (by appointment only) 
  • eCounsellor (by appointment only) 

As a member of TCC Port Harcourt or TCC Abuja onsite, you have the opportunity to join at least one and at most two departments.  

You may choose to serve in any of the following departments: 

  • Children’s Church (TC Cubs) Teachers 
  • Evangelism Team 
  • The New Born Unit 
  • Design Team 
  • Drama Department 
  • Dance department 
  • Maintenance Department [Tent Maintenance Team, Cleaning Team, Gardening Team] 
  • New Wine Choir 
  • Praise and Worship Team [By appointment only] 
  • Prayer Squad 
  • Public Address Department – Light [Lighting, Generators Maintenance] 
  • Public Address Department – Sound [Console, Audio / Video] 
  • Public Address Department – Marketing [Sales, Production] 
  • Publicity and Protocol [Ushering and Greeters Team, Security Team, Publicity Team] 
  • Social Media Team. 
  • Teen Church (TC Squared) Workers 

Stay Connected 

You can reach us in Port Harcourt at info@thecarpenterschurch.org  or call 0700CARPENTERS which is (+234)7002277368377. Or email us in Abuja at info@tccabuja.org or call 0700-TCCABUJA which is (+234) 70082222852 or send an SMS to 08166364065. 

Follow us on all our social media platforms to keep abreast of latest information about the ministry:  

Twitter @ TCCPH@FreshdewTV@PastorKech, TCCAbuja 

Facebook facebook.com/FreshdewTV  @PastorKechTCCAbuja, @ facebook.com/TheCarpentersChurchPH , 

Instagram @TheCarpentersChurchPH, @FreshdewTV, @PastorKech, TCCAbuja 

YouTube TheCarpentersChurchPH, FreshdewTV, TCCAbuja 

To be a part of our WhatsApp broadcast, please text ADD ME to +234-8091304642 from wherever you are in the world. If you are in Nigeria it helps to disable the DO NOT DISTURB settings in your mobile phone to receive SMS messages from us. 

 A Journey of Faith

, the life of a true believer is a journey of faith. As you enjoy your journey, always remember the truths you received in the fifteen Believers Classes. The Machaira Moments are a good place to continue to invest in the Word of God. Click here to find those meetings and other messages that will enrich your life. Don’t forget to download Our Word Mobile App – SPOUDAZO App to access thousands of life-transforming messages from the comfort of your home. It is available on the Android Play Store and will be on the Apple App Store soon. 

Know that you are not alone, we are happy to assign an e-Pastor to you. the Holy Spirit is also right there with you to guide and direct you every step of the way.  

Welcome home! 

Love and blessings,
Pastor Nkechi Ene. (Mrs.)